In 1981 we began our homesteading journey on 6 wooded, hilly, rocky acres in western Massachusetts.  Through this labor of love, we have co-created a place of abundance and joy.  Clearing land, creating healthy soil, building our home and outbuildings, designing alternative energy systems, working alone and within community we have lived our version of “The Good Life”.

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Transitioning the Homestead 

Homesteading Workshops:  Want to homestead? Need the skills and self-confidence to begin?  We offer a variety of classes and workshops through out the year.

Organic Gardening Workshops:  Learn to grow your own fabulous vegetables in your own garden.


Internships:   A hands on year-long homesteading internship prepares an apprentice for the homesteading life.

Homestead Reflections (our blog page):  read articles based on life and observations around the farm.

How-to Articles

Tours:  actual and virtual