It’s Time For Us To Pass-On Our Beautiful “Wild Browse Farm” Homestead.

This magical productive Permaculture-inspired homestead could be YOURS!


We have no family to pass our present homestead on to, and this has caused us some concern. We are searching for ways to keep this beautiful place in agriculture and in the hands of someone who will love and cherish it, as we have.

We’ve lived in Wendell. MA since the early 1980’s, lovingly “homesteading” 6 acres. We  cleared totally wooded, abandoned pastureland, and created beautiful soil. We created organic orchards & gardens, using permaculture techniques, and built our present home and numerous outbuildings. Co-creating soil, planting a wild and diverse quantity of food-producing plants, creating wildlife habitat, raising animals, and sharing our knowledge and experience with others has been a good life’s work. Most of this work has been done by hand, through love and hard work.  But it is now time to release our creation to new caretakers, so that it can continue to grow and to reach its higher potential.

Infrastructure presently at Wild Browse Farm

  • All soil co-created; using organic, no-till, regenerative, microbial rich carbon sequestering techniques since 1980
  • 3,000+ square foot garden;
  • 1/3 acre orchard (apples, pears, plums, paw paw, chestnuts & hazel nuts)
  • ¼ acre small fruit (strawberries, black & red raspberries, blueberries, elderberries, Nanking cherries & kiwi)
  • ½ acre pasture- we’ve run chickens – egg layers & meat birds, turkey, Guinea fowl & lambs
  • A small sugar-bush
  • Productive woodlot
  • 914 square foot home
  • 308 square foot guest cabin
  • 240 square foot woodshed- holds 3 year supply of cordwood
  • 20’x10′  barn with 5Kw solar panel on roof
  • Solar domestic hot water
  • Convection hot water system from the wood cook-stove
  • Composting toilet system
  • 180 square foot earth-bermed greenhouse
  • A small hoop-house
  • 120 square foot screen house
  • Winter chicken coop with covered yard and fenced area
  • Several smaller summer poultry coops, some mobile
  • Electro-mesh fencing
  • Many homestead tools/equipment

Asking Price:  $225,000

**Photos of much of the above can be viewed by visiting the subpages in the drop down menu under Homestead Transition

The following link will download a slideshow of an “historical”  tour of Wild Browse Farm.  We presented this workshop at the 2017 NOFA Summer Conference on the topic of our homesteading journey.  It may take a few minutes to download. Enjoy!

Homestead Path NOFA SC 2017

Contact us:

Sharon Gensler/Pru Smith


87  Bullard Pasture Rd. Wendell, MA 01379