Our Home

The two of us, with the help of friends and many work days, took 4 years to build the first part of the house.  We’ve since added a bedroom, shower and basement to the original structure.  It’s was good to start small so we had a more comfortable place to live and then add on when time and money allowed.


The house approached from the north….

…and the south, which we call the front yard as it and the 9’x6′  bank of kitchen windows faces the garden & pasture.  Note the Nearing style stone foundation, second floor “grow-box” combination solar-heater, & to the left a cord wood storage box & pass-through to wood stove.

Living room facing east, stairs to loft and atrium doors to deck.

Living room facing north with entrance door from mud room on left and bath room door on right.Living room facing west with door to office/guest room.Kitchen east.

Dish washer being installed next to the slate sink.

Kitchen west.Wood and electric cookstoves.

Bedroom with south windows.Wood folding closet doors & east window.Large tiled shower with glass door.
Compost toilet-1 pint flush.Bidet, used as urine-diverter.Details of towel racks and door handles.

View from loft down to living room, with panel doors open.

View up to loft, with skylight.  Our bedroom until the addition was added, now an office and yoga space, kitchen below loft.

Tub, in loft, is above wood stove, making  it is toasty-warm place to soak.

Skylight with insulated shade.

Sliding wood-paneled door to loft, note door to attic storage area.

Loft with air bed turning it into guest room.

Sunroom/office/guest room off living room.Fold down Murphy bed.
Exterior of sun room.

 Addition under construction.

View of garden from the 9’x7′ bank of kitchen windows (windows have thermal shades), which we call the “movie theater”.

East deck off of living room,giving access to pulley clothes line- our “solar clothes dryer”.

Immediate area in front of house showing screen house, and water feature.

House in relation to woodshed; note wood box pass-through only steps away!Woodbox pass-through from inside house, located right next woodstove.

Here we are in 1986 sawing our trees into the lumber you see on the walls, floors and ceilings  of the house!  And digging the 100′ trench for electric & water to the house from the road.  Ah being young & having friends!A stonewall building workshop.