Wild Browse Farm and Sustainability Center:

Education and Coaching for the Good Life

Wild Browse Farm and Sustainability Center provides educational leadership, mentoring, and coaching for growing the attitudes and skills important to an integrated and sustainable way of life.

Wild Browse Farm is an intentional and integrated biological community of human and non-human growth and cooperation. Systems include organic food production, composting of human and garden waste, solar and bio-mass energy utilization, and enhanced carbon sequestering through forestry and vegetative management.

Areas of study include growing organic fruits and vegetables, mushroom and herb cultivation and raising poultry on the family farm, and other land uses including forestry and pasture management. “Keeping the Harvest” techniques include boiling-water bath and pressure canning methods, freezing, fermentation, dehydration, and the processing of poultry for home use.

Experiential learning includes all stages of seed to table vegetable production, brooding and management of the laying flock, meat poultry production, and how to design and build sustainable energy systems for the home and farm.

On-going support is provided with individualized coaching sessions and theme-based group education and coaching.

Workshops:  Led by Pru Smith and Sharon Gensler