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Year-long Homesteading Internship

Want to homestead?

Need the skills and self-confidence to begin?


Come live with us on our 9-acre organic farm/homestead and learn the pleasure of living directly with nature and working with your hands and heart, in this life-enriching experience of voluntary simplicity.


We are seeking to mentor the right someone(s).  After 30+ years of skill building, we have decided to do more intensive sharing of our knowledge.  This will go beyond short-term apprenticing and will prepare you for living and loving the homesteading life.


Learn: To grow organic nutrient-dense vegetables, fruit, shitake mushrooms and pastured-poultry; manage a woodlot; construction skills like carpentry, plumbing and wiring; how to wild-craft herbs, berries, mushrooms and vegetables; many of the ways to preserve the harvest; and alternative energy systems.


We offer:  enthusiastic mentoring, attendance at our workshops, small rustic cabin, share of the harvest, community.


You bring:  enthusiasm, strong healthy body, willingness to get “dirty” and participate in hard work, willingness to learn through doing as well as through lectures and books, desire to participate in community.


Tuition/fees: negotiable dependent specific course of study agreed upon and amount of work-exchange undertaken.


Minimum one-year commitment; serious candidates only


Send letter of intent, including background, interests, & experience to:

Sharon or Pru

Wild Browse Farm 87 Bullard Pasture Rd., Wendell, MA.

E-mail us at



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